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27th-Feb-2015 02:32 pm - Man of Vulcan
B5-From the Stars
"Man of Vulcan ere we part, give oh give me back my heart." He never gave it back.

I am devastated. Leonard Nimoy has had my heart or, should I say Mr Spock has, since September 8, 1966. RIP Leonard Nimoy - you did good. You are parted from me yet never will be parted *sigh*

ETA: just came across this vid with some highlights in the life of my beloved:

18th-Feb-2015 07:24 pm - February 18
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I was feeling a bit depressed today as it was my mother's birthday - she would've been 104 had she lived *sigh* Anyway things improved when I found out one of my Needham relatives, my third cousin once removed (if I remember this correctly), found out she will be having a baby girl in July. Looking forward to another little girl in the family though I still think of her mother as a little girl. I don't feel that much older but knowing babies that grow up to have babies of their own does make one aware of the passing of the years.

ETA: They plan on naming the baby Violet Anne. Sweet name. Can't wait to meet her.
3rd-Feb-2015 12:32 pm - Suzette Haden Elgin
B5-From the Stars
Oh dear I just found out that Suzette Haden Elgin aka ozarque has passed on after several years of a form of dementia. Requiescat in pace wonderful writer who once wrote this:
(for one who has died)

You go from us
into a new becoming;
we rejoice for you and wish you an easy journey
into the Light.
The winds will speak to us of you,
the waters will mention your name;
snow and rain and fog,
first light and last light,
all will remind us that you had
a certain way of being
that was dear to us.
You go back to the land you came from
and on beyond.
We will watch for you,
from Time to Time.
ETA: I found a post from February 25, 2012 where her husband reports what was happening to her. So sad,
27th-Jan-2015 04:08 pm - Juno
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Well Juno has come and gone here in NYC. The mayor shut down the roads and the public transport last night at 11 and by 9 am this morning everything was back to normal or as normal as things could be with 8" of snow. I took a walk in Central Park earlier and it was one crowded winter wonderland as many people didn't have to go to work. I worry a bit about my relatives in the Boston area as it's been hit much harder. However it is winter and this is what happens in winter.
23rd-Jan-2015 11:46 am - Grr Argh
Grr argh icon
My Yahoo email account was apparently hacked as this morning I received an email from "me" at another account (this also happened recently to a friend of mine so there is something wrong with Yahoo's security). I've since changed my password. If you received an email from me today ignore it or report it as a phishing attempt as there was a webpage in the message to click on and who knows what would happen then. One more thing is that I only have a stupid phone and cannot send emails from it so if you ever receive an email from me that says sent from my cellphone you will know that it's definitely a fake. If/when I get a smartphone I will let everyone know but I don't see that happening in the near future.
10th-Jan-2015 11:23 pm - A Night to Remember
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We were going "Into the Woods" - not. A block away from the mall with the movie theater we were rear-ended by a car driven by a possibly crazy lady who proceeded to drive away but then karma happened and her engine died. I had been thrown forward but was stopped by the seat belt. My cousin's car is always insistent that we use the seat belts for which I am very grateful to it. We were OK though the area between my boobs ached for awhile. We did not see "Into the Woods". Instead we eventually went back to her home and watched "The Glass Bottom Boat" in memory of Rod Taylor (requiescat en pace Rod) and which we enjoyed tremendously, probably more than we would have "Into the Woods". My last night in Needham turned into a very memorable one.
10th-Jan-2015 05:24 pm - My Birthday
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Thursday evening my hostess, her husband and I went to The Local in Newton where once again we each ordered something and shared (my treat). My cousin ordered the Semolina Crusted Fish and Chips, her husband ordered fish tacos and I had the macaroni and cheese. Again another delicious meal and, as we'd pigged out on dessert earlier in the day at The Cottage, we decided not to order dessert.

Friday we went to Whole Foods to buy the ingredients for my birthday dinner plus the cake on our way to pick up my birthday cousin in Somerville. We then returned to Needham and my hostess and I collaborated to make a delicious beef stew that was a lot like the one my mother used to make. She supervised and I basically just peeled and chopped up the carrots and potatoes. There were 7 of us at dinner to enjoy that most scrumptuous beef stew and the salad her husband made to go with it. After the dinner we indulged in my birthday cake which wasn't a cake but a Tarte de Pommes which went beautifully with the dinner.

Tarte de Pommes 2015-2

Afterwards I opened my presents which included this lovely necklace from my birthday cousin:

present 70

All in all I had a wonderful birthday bash...and I get to have one more day before I go home.
8th-Jan-2015 04:10 pm - My Birthday Bash
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I arrived in Needham, MA on Monday after an uneventful train trip. We celebrated my cousin's birthday on Tuesday at a Chinese restaurant in Somerville called Zoe's (interesting name for a Chinese restaurant). There were about 8 of us and as we each ordered a different dish to share there were many delicious yummies to choose from. Unfortunately the next day several of us, including me, felt a bit queasy so I doubt we'll be going there next year.

Her birthday cake (see below) was from a store called The Icing on the Cake and it was gorgeous...and delicous.

Claudia's cake 2015

For the next 4 days my cousin and I are the same age then on Friday I become a year older *sigh*

Yesterday the cousins I am staying with had a change of plans so instead of eating out we bought some groceries and made dinner at their home with each of us cooking part of the meal - I helped make the meatloaf and then made my not-very-famous fried potatoes. My cousin's husband made the broccolini. It was tres delicious (and we felt good the next day).

Today it is coooold. It was about -3° this morning which is definitely better than Fargo as I hear it was -50° there overnight. It's a bit warmer now - low 20s. I stupidly did not bring my heavy winter coat but my medium coat is fine as I did bring my fleece-lined tights to wear under my leggings and my silk undershirt from WinterSilks which are helping to keep me warm. We've just returned from lunch at The Cottage where I had a warm bowl of mushroom soup and a quiche plus we shared a couple of desserts - all delicious. I swear I'm probably gaining a pound a day so I guess it's good I'll only be here for 6 days.

6th-Jan-2015 02:15 pm - Pocosin
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One of my favorite writers Ursula Vernon aka ursulav has a new story published in the January issue of Apex magazine titled Pocosin. Read it and enjoy.
1st-Jan-2015 10:13 pm - Books Read 2014
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I found I read 37 books last year which is 11 more books than I read last year so I'm back to reading a fair amount of books though nothing near the amount of books I read before I got on the internet *sigh* (when I was a teenager I could read 2 or 3 Harlequin romances a day)

The Kindred of Darkness by Barbara Hambly
Moving Target by J. A. Jance
Remains of Innocence by J. A. Jance
Ring in the Dead by J. A. Jance
Night Broken by Patricia Briggs
Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs
Peacemaker by C. J. Cherryh
Death on Blackheath by Anne Perry
Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
The Late Scholar by Jill Paton Walsh
The Night Searchers by Marcia Muller
Urn Burial by Kerry Greenwood (a Phryne Fisher Mystery - I love the TV show but thought the book was just OK)
Designated Daughters by Margaret Maron
The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah
The Future Falls by Tanya Huff

Octopus by Katherine Harmon Courage
The Accidental Universe by Alan Lightman
What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton
A Garden of Marvels by Ruth Kassinger  Love this quote: There are vastly more chloroplasts on Earth than stars in the universe. All these chloroplasts owe their lives to that one eukaryote that engulfed an indigestible cyanobacterium that lived 1.6 billion years ago. That single creature's descendents turned the rocky continents into our leafy, green world, without which none of us could exist.
Toss the Gloss by Andrea Q. Robinson
The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku
Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown
Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World by Anne Jamison
Unlikely Loves by Jennifer S. Holland
The Amoeba in the Room by Nicholas P. Money
A Short Guide to a Long Life by David B. Agus, MD
Wizards, Aliens, and Starships by Charles L. Adler (interesting but too many equations)
The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller
Our Final Invention by James Barrat
The Soul of All Living Creatures by Vint Virga
Final Frontier by Brian Clegg
Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz
Religions and Extraterrestrial Life by David A. Weintraub
Fashion by N. J. Stevenson
Lost in Translation by Ella Francis Sanders
The Secret History of the Mongol Queens by Jack Weatherford
Holy Sci-Fi by Paul J. Nahin
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