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24th-Oct-2016 12:57 pm - Hacked Email
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I think my email account has been hacked again so I changed my password for the umpteenth time. If you receive an email from me be careful *sigh*

ETA: this is a bad day as I discovered one of my favorite SF writers Sheri S. Tepper has passed on :(
18th-Oct-2016 03:00 pm - HRC
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I just learned that the son of a friend of mine had lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton last week and he will be at the debate in Las Vegas tomorrow. He also gave money to his mom to donate to the campaign so that she will be invited to Hillary's birthday party on Monday. I can't wait to hear how it was. Oh yes my friend just told me that Stevie Wonder will be singing at the party!!

Three weeks until we know if this country and the world will be saved and go forward or if we'll be dragged into a version of Nazi Germany. I hope all you Americans will vote blue.
8th-Sep-2016 10:37 pm - Hillary Clinton
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Just wanted to add that in order to make progress to achieve a Star Trek-like future we must not let Trump become president. Having Hillary Clinton as president will be such a wonderful way forward. Just read this terrific post about her.
8th-Sep-2016 10:32 pm - 50 Years Ago Today
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50 years ago today I watched "The Man Trap", the first episode  of "Star Trek". I'd been deep into science fiction for about a year and thought I knew so much but seeing that episode blew my mind. After it was over I went to bed and I can still recall folding my bedspread while desperately trying to remember everything about the show since in the days before VHS, DVDs or DVRs a show might never be seen again. Of course I didn't know at the time that half a century later "Star Trek" TV shows and movies would still be made.

I think it saved my life as I was quite miserable back then as my mother had had a severe heart attack when I was 10 and passed on five years later and in many ways I can barely remember much about my adolescence except for "Star Trek". I played with the idea that Roddenberry and his team had somehow latched onto the future and if I could hang around for a couple of centuries perhaps I could one day boldly go where no human from the planet Earth had gone before so I decided suicide was not something I wanted to do just in case.

I will always love the original series and my beloved Mr Spock. I now know it will not be our future (unless I missed hearing about Khan Noonian Singh and his fellow supermen taking over the Earth in 1992) but perhaps it will inspire people to try to make a future similar to that of the original series come to pass. We need to grow up and, as Captain Kirk once said, "We're human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands, but we can stop it. We can admit that we're killers, but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes. Knowing that we won't kill today" I want us to someday accept that we won't kill today...or any other day.

ETA: I goofed - it wasn't a heart attack my mother had but a stroke.

14th-Aug-2016 12:25 am - My Dreadful Journey Home
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On Thursday my friend dropped me off at the airport a bit early at 8:30 am as she had an eye doctor appointment. My Delta flight was due to leave at 10:21 but didn't depart until half an hour later. Once I reached Minneapolis at around 11:45 I found my next flight, originally scheduled for 1:05, wasn't due to take off until 2:30 but actually took off more towards 3. About an hour or so later the pilot announced that, due to some mishap at the LaGuardia airport causing too many planes waiting to land, we couldn't go there and so we flew to Boston!! Once we landed there we were told it might take 2 hours until we took off but a half hour later we were told to start boarding again. We took off around 9 as more problems delayed our take off. I found it takes only about an hour to fly from Boston to NYC but once we landed around 10 we had to wait 2 hours in the plane until we could get to a gate. It was now after midnight (originally I was supposed to have arrived in NYC around 5 pm); I contacted the Super Shuttle (I had already booked a pickup weeks ago) and the rep said there was too much of a traffic problem at LGA so it would take over 90 minutes for a shuttle to pick me up therefore I should find another way home. There was an incredibly long line of people also wanting taxis but I finally got one and arrived home about 1:30 am. By the time I went to bed it was almost 3. I'm not sure if all this chaos was due to the Delta computer malfunction on Monday but, no matter the cause, it was the worst journey home that I have ever taken and I hope it will never happen again.

ETA: I just discovered the word hodophobia - fear of travel. If that trip home had been any worse I think I might have become hodophobic ;)
10th-Aug-2016 10:09 pm - Last Full Day in Fargo
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Today was my last day helping at PAAWS. It really was a special day as one of the vet techs at PAAWS, who is also a wildlife rehab specialist, brought in a sharp-shinned hawk with a broken wing and she let me hold him (or maybe her) while she wrapped the broken wing and again later when she gave the hawk some water subcutaneously. We then placed the hawk in an animal carrier so s/he could go with another volunteer who drove the hawk to meet still another person who then took the hawk onto Minneapolis where the Raptor Center is. Once there s/he will probably have the broken bones in his/her wing pinned so that eventually s/he can be freed and can fly away.

0 hawk2

This evening we went to a couple's open house dinner. They are friends of CM and the Prof and I have known them for several years. They  had recently moved into a new house across the street from their old home because this one had only one floor which is so much better for an elderly couple. It was a delicious dinner and a very nice house. I am now off to pack as I'm returning to NYC tomorrow *sigh*
9th-Aug-2016 09:08 pm - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
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On Sunday we drove to the Maplewood State Park in Minnesota. It was a lovely day for a walk around one of the lakes as we looked if we could see any animals. The Prof saw a frog and a chipmonk and we all saw several birds but the only other animals we all saw were horses ridden by riders who brought them to the park. I guess they are smart and try their best to avoid humans (I don't blame them).

Last night we saw the International Space Station cross the sky. It just looked like a bright star quickly moving overhead but it was interesting seeing it knowing that there are humans in space.

Today the Prof and I went to see "Star Trek Beyond" and we both agreed it was a lousy movie. J. J. Abrams, who directed the first two reboots and produced this one, is a huge fan of "Star Wars" and so he star warred "Star Trek" :( It was truly skiffy (something that only looks like science fiction but isn't - like comic book movies) and, as I've written before, I think Roddenberry is spinning in his orbit as he looks down on what Paramount had done to his creation. The Prof is a physicist and told me how bad the science was (as did Copernicus here). It hasn't made as much money as the previous two though I hear they plan to do a fourth movie where Jim Kirk somehow meets his father. The reboot actors are probably now older than the original cast was in 1966. I'm hoping one day someone will make a movie worthy of being a successor to the original series just like Star Trek was a successor to "Forbidden Planet".

ETA: There were a few lines by Krall the STB villain that reminded us of Trump! Let's hope he's defeated just like the movie character (though I'm not wishing him dead).
4th-Aug-2016 10:39 pm - My First Week in Fargo
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Had a very nice week here in Fargo. In their back yard my friends have a bird feeder and lots of flowers so all sorts of birds come to feed plus some red and gray squirrels and rabbits. The first day I was watching them I thought I saw a small sparrow go up to kiss a larger one but boy was I wrong. The larger cowbirds will sneak their eggs into the nests of other birds so what I was watching was a small chipping sparrow being made to feed its cowbird "baby".

Somebody brought a "feral" cat and her 6 kittens to stay at PAAWS for a few days before they could be taken to Cats Cradle and I got to play with them. The cat was young and very friendly, purring constantly while I petted her (I called her Purrball). The kittens were 4 females and 2 males and only 2 weeks old. It was so wonderful to be able to handle them as I've read so many webpages by feline foster moms and now I finally got to know what it was like...at least for a little while. They were picked up on Monday evening and eventually taken to a foster home connected to CC. I hope they will all find purrfect furever homes *fingers crossed*

0 Purrball

That evening we went to the Democratic Summerfest and had a great time with delicious food and meeting some friends from previous visits. The number of people who came was larger than at previous Summerfests and more diverse as there were more blacks and even some Muslims. May we all continue to grow in numbers so we can defeat the Gross Old Party in November.

Last night was my friends anniversary so I took them out to dinner at a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse where we had some delectable steak dinners. Tonight CM made a dinner called Baked Ratatouille and it was sooo yummy that I made sure I got the recipe so I could make it someday.
29th-Jul-2016 10:18 pm - Fargo
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Well yesterday I flew to Fargo. I got to the La Guardia airport and discovered my Delta Boarding Document, which I'd printed out the day before, stated that I'd passed the TSA precheck so I was able to quickly get through security much to my surprise. I have no idea how that happened but I'm glad it did.

I reached Fargo and the Prof picked me up. We went out to dinner then went home to watch what was happening at the Democratic convention and somewhere in that immense crowd was my friend CM. We listened to Hillary's acceptance speech and now I feel more certain she will win in November though I'm sure tRump and those on his side will do everything they can to defeat her.

Today I walked to the library in Fargo to read the NY Times and on the way back to the house I tripped and fell and now have scratches on my hand and a semi-broken toe nail *sigh* Anyway we later drove to the airport and picked up CM who has been telling us what was going on at the convention. She hasn't slept much in 5 days as she had to get up at 6 to get to the Wells Fargo Center which was about an hour away from her hotel and wasn't able to return until around 1 am. She was interviewed at some point by MSNBC so I'm looking there to see if they made a vid of it. I feel that for many reasons this year will be unforgettable.
25th-Jul-2016 11:03 pm - Thursday
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Well I just thought I'd let everyone know that on Thursday I'm flying to Fargo. My best friend CM will not be picking me up because she was elected to represent ND at the Democratic Convention! She didn't know she'd be doing that when I bought the tickets in May but it doesn't really matter. Her husband the Prof will pick me up and then we'll pick her up the next day. Can't wait to hear what she witnessed at the Convention.
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