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29th-May-2016 03:57 pm - Sweden Day 3
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I'm currently staying with one of my cousins and her husband. They have a lovely apartment in Täby, a suburb of Stockholm. Yesterday we drove a short distance then took a ferry to Vaxholms Castle where we walked around a bit and then had lunch. Later we dropped off the husband and her dog who'd been with us and drove to Ulriksdal Palace and walked around the grounds then stopped for a snack at a greenhouse. I still find it hard to believe I'm actually in Sweden.

Today my cousin and I took a train then a subway to an old section of Stockholm walking down narrow streets and past the Nobel Museum on our way to the ferry that would take us to Djurgården, an island with Skansen, Stockholm's wonderful museum/zoo. It's the world's first open-air museum where we walked around buildings many of them centuries old and were able to see farm animals plus a wolf, some mooses, a bear, a seal, a wolverine, and all around were birds like magpies, ducks, geese, a rooster who crowed even though it was late in the afternoon and a couple of male peacocks who walked around people showing off their gorgeousness (and away all by herself was a peahen who was ignored by most humans). As we left we even saw some lemurs (though obviously they are not Swedish animals). Tonight I cooked salmon for dinner and they really liked it - yay!!. Right now we're watching "Mamma Mia" (it's Mother's Day here in Sweden) and it's even funnier then I remember (we just heard "Money, Money, Money" with the lyric "It's a rich man's world" and I immediately thought of Donald tRump).

Speakin of the tRump, on our way to the restaurant Bla Porten I saw a couple of planters filled with some strange looking plants and I realized I found where tRump gets his weird hair from.

0 Trump"s hair
27th-May-2016 04:40 pm - Sweden
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Well I made it to Sweden. I was a bit worried about getting to JFK in the evening but the traffic wasn't too bad and we got there in good time. It took me just a few minutes to check into my airline and another few minutes to get through security which truly surprised me as there have been so many articles and TV segments on the length of time it now takes to get through security. Anyway I am now in Sweden enjoying the time with my cousin and her husband.
26th-May-2016 02:37 pm - Trip
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Well I'm off to Sweden tonight and will be returning on the 9th. I don't know how much time I will be able to be online while I'm there so if I don't respond to your posts that's why.
16th-May-2016 05:56 pm - The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair
Yay!! The Man from UNCLE episode "The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair" was on Saturday night/Sunday morning and I finally saw it again. It's as great an episode as I recall though the technology is so primitive compared to what is available today but then it's over 50 years old and was very impressive way back then. The main guest star in the episode was Zohra Lampert and earlier I'd DVR'd a Kojak episode, "Queen of the Gypsies", starring her which was also one of my favorite Kojak episodes. Some of the older series are still so wonderful...or at least some of their episodes are. I have a little list...

I'm able to do this because I'm staying at a friend's apartment for a few days taking care of their dogs while she and her niece are in San Francisco attending her son's wedding. Hope all went well. They'll be back later tonight and next week I'm off to Sweden.

13th-Apr-2016 12:03 am - The Project Strigas Affair
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Earlier today I watched "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." episode titled "The Project Strigas Affair" which was the first time William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy acted together as it was filmed in 1964 two years before "Star Trek" premiered. In this show Shatner was a graduate of MIT and Nimoy the villain's henchman. They shared one scene and from what I've read, having recently finished reading Leonard by William Shatner with David Fisher, they did not recall meeting each other when they first started acting in ST but they did become friends over time afterwards. I saw this ep once or twice back in the 60s and now it was on MeTV which airs the show on the weekends. In a few weekends my favorite UNCLE ep titled "The Mad, Mad, Tea Party Affair" will air and I can't wait to see it once again. Ah the good old days.
25th-Mar-2016 11:13 pm - 3/11
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This evening a friend and I went to the Japan Society to see the photographs of their Spring Exhibition - In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11 (the great earthquake and tsumani of March 11, 2011 which triggered the on-going nuclear crisis at Fukushima). The photographs were varied and the one that really stood out for me was of a street in a deserted village and in the middle of the street was an ostrich!!! I didn't know they had farms raising ostriches in Japan. You learn something new every day.
20th-Mar-2016 10:30 pm - Spring is Sprung
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Today was the first day of spring and walkiing in Central Park I saw my first robin of the year. Of course Mother Nature wasn't paying attention so it was a chilly 40° with some snow later in the evening however by Wednesday it might be close to 70°. I think this spring may be as weird as winter was weatherwise. Hopefully it will be nice during my visit to Sweden.
16th-Mar-2016 10:31 pm - Spotlight
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Went to see "Spotlight", the Oscar-winning movie of 2016. It certainly is in the same league as "All the President's Men" made 40 years earlier. It demonstrates how necessary investigative reporters are and unfortunately they are becoming fewer and fewer (and if Trump wins who knows what will happen to journalism). We now are becoming aware how unscrupulous the Catholic church is as are other relligious institutions and I can't help wondering how many millions of children have been abused by priests, nuns, minsters, rabbis, imans etc. over the millennia. We'll never know *sigh* Power certainly corrupts.
10th-Mar-2016 10:45 pm - BtVS
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A friend reminded me that today is the 19th anniversary of the premiere of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"! Where did all the time go? Buffy has been part of my life for almost a third of lt and in a way it's still part of my life. Buffy is what got me online and onto LJ where I made many friends some of whom are still my friends. It truly was a gamechanger in many ways.

I checked and found I haven't posted since the end of January but then not much has been happening except...from late May to early June I'll be visiting my relatives in Sweden. I think Facebook was a big help as I friended a couple of cousins on it and we have done a lot of communicating on FB the past few years so early in January they invited me to visit them. I haven't been there since I was 11. Back then I was fairly fluent in Swedish - I even dreamed in it - but since my mother passed on when I was 15 I never had much opportunity to speak it. It will be interesting to see how much I can recall when I'm there.
24th-Jan-2016 05:04 pm - Jonas
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After a full month of winter with only a light dusting of snow, Jonas brought 26.8 inches of snow in about 24 hours to Central Park. The blizzard I recall as being the worst was in 1888 as it killed a lot of horses and more than 200 people but it was "only" 21 inches and that was over a 4 day period (it's now #4 on the list of worst snowstorms in NYC). In the 21st century we have machines that can move snow, grocery stores full of food, most of us had no problems with electric power and the subways worked though not everywhere. I took 3 subways yesterday and they all came within 2 minutes; what got to me the most was seeing sparrows again take refuge in a couple of stations - I hope they can find their way out. Here in mid-Manhattan the streets are being cleared though it renders large snow heaps on the curb and many cars are still hidden under piles of snow. The temperature is set to go up into the 40s later this week and some rain is due so slowly the snow will disappear. Will this second month of winter bring a lot more snow?

Currently I'm a bit pissed at Amazon. Way back in March 2007 I joined the reading website Shelfari. I have had a wonderful time with a couple of their SF groups as we discuss what is going on in the world of SF including books, movies, TV and science. A few years ago Amazon bought it and it was sort of neglected as Amazon preferred its Goodreads. Now I'm told that in March the two will be merged so after 9 years the fun will be gone as Goodreads will be the victor (I am a member as my favorite SF author Lois McMaster Bujold posts there but I really don't like it). There's another book site named Leafmarks that members of my SF groups are joining so I've joined too and I'll see if we can continue as if we were on Shelfari *fingers crossed*

Though that's a bit depressing something great happened a week or so ago. One of my favorite Spander fanfic writers stillrose is finally finishing her epic "There's Always a Sneer in Vegas". She began it the same year I joined Shelfari meaning it will have taken her around 9 years to write some 90 chapters! I'm looking forward to/dreading reading the finale of the fic but I really am glad it will be completed.

ETA: I forgot to add that Jonas was the 2nd biggest snowstorrm in NYC history and of the 5 worst snowstorms I've lived through 3 of them which I find hard to believe.
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