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9th-Nov-2015 11:27 pm - The Blackout
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Half a century ago tonight there was a blackout in the Northeast leaving 30 million people without power. I was lucky as I was home with my mother. My father finally came home around 3 am as he had been way up in the Empire State Building of all places and it took him a long time to walk down the stairs and walk home. I was in another several years later and fortunately missed the next big one in 2003 as it happened while I was in Fargo. Hopefully I won't have to go through it ever again but one never knows.
3rd-Nov-2015 12:21 pm - Wooden Feathers
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One of my favorite authors, Hugo-winning Ursula Vernon aka ursulav, has posted another wonderful fantasy story titled Wooden Feathers. Go read it.
1st-Nov-2015 10:46 pm - Happy Belated Halloween
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Happy Belated Halloween. I hope everyone had a wonderful time yesterday.

I went to the annual Halloween party at my friends' place and, as usual, had a great time. The guys who are musicians again entertained us with songs like "People are Strange", " Last Train to Clarksville" and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)". The food was delicious and I drank some of the Godiva Chocolate Liqueur another friend brought (I'm usually not that into alcohol).

In a way this was one weird weekend - Halloween, the time change, the marathon plus the World Series games. Then I found even my body was acting weird. I usually sleep 8 hours and, even though I make a point not to drink much water or tea in the evening, I usually have to get up in the night to pee. Well last night, because of the time change which gained us an hour, I slept 9 hours...without having to get up to pee even though I drank quite a bit into the evening. Hmm some day I may need to do a few experiments regarding my body's reaction to alcohol.
12th-Oct-2015 10:23 pm - Update
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Well l'm back in NYC. I arrived last Wednesday. Once again I feel as if I got off the plane in Fargo and almost immediately turned around and came back home. Time certainly flies when you're having a wonderful time.

Today I went to hear David Brin, the SF author, speak. His talk was about 2 hours long and I regret to say that a lot of it went over my head regarding his stand on transparency and other things but I enjoyed it and I'm happy to report that he's finally going to write a sequel to "Startide Rising"; he's written several other novels set in that 'verse but some of the characters in that novel are still cliffhanging. Can't wait to read it. He's the sixth SF writer I've met; the others are Isaac Asimov, Hal Clement, Wen Spencer, David Gerrold and Lois McMaster Bujold.
3rd-Oct-2015 07:16 am - Hacked Again
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I'm afraid my email account may have been hacked so if you receive an email from me just be very careful as it might be a phisher. Off to change my password *grr argh*
28th-Sep-2015 07:48 pm - The Fall in Fargo
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Last night we went out to see the Super Blood Moon Eclipse. It was interesting but not as wonderful as the one I saw years ago with my aunt in Idlewild, CA which made the moon look as if Mars had decided to visit the Earth. Wonder what the one in 2033 will look like.

Today we walked CM's pitbull Dusty to the vet for his annual checkup. He's fine and on the way back to their home we went past this gorgeous autumn tree (it's my first time in Fargo in the fall). It is soo lovely and fortunately CM had her cellphone with her and she took this photo for me.

0 Fargo fall 40
27th-Sep-2015 05:37 pm - Fargo Report
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Well I've been here for five wonderful days. Two days were spent helping out at Minn-Kota PAAWs, which my friend runs, and where I get my annual dose of kitten cuteness.

Last year we went out to a Democratic fundraiser dinner where we enjoyed a delicious meal that included a variation on baked beans that I truly loved. In the months in between CM asked the woman who'd cooked it what it was and she told her it was called Calico Beans. CM found the recipe online and we made it Thursday evening. I can't recall if it was exactly like the previous dish (there are many versions) but boy oh boy was it yummy.

Saturday we went to the Red River Reef and Reptile Expo where they were selling all sorts of snakes, reptiles and things used in salt water tanks like bits of reefs and anemones. CM and her husband the Prof have a cornsnake named Maizie Mousebreath who is over 13 years old which is almost a record breaker for cornsnakes and, if something ever happened to her (they hope not), they were considering one day getting a replacement from one of the sellers at the Expo.

Today we went for a walk at the Buffalo River State Park in MN where we saw a few Monarch butterflies - when I first started visiting there were so many *sigh*. We also saw some wooly bear caterpillars. They have black and rusty orange "fur" (the orange is in the middle) and legend has it that if there is a lot of orange it will be a harsh winter. The scientists say it will be a mild one. We can't help wondering who will get it right - the scientists or the caterpillars. More to come.
23rd-Sep-2015 09:26 pm - I'm Here
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Just wanted to let everyone know I arrived safely in Fargo yesterday after an uneventful trip. It was the last day of summer so I'm looking forward to seeing what autumn is like here.
21st-Sep-2015 08:41 pm - Tomorrow
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Well tomorrow morning I'm once again attempting to go to Fargo for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck that all goes well this time.
8th-Sep-2015 03:15 pm - Star Trek
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49 years ago today my world changed forever when "Star Trek" premiered that night. I fell in love with it and Mr Spock and watched every episode but one the first time they aired (I caught "Charlie X" in the summer reruns). In a way, for the next 16 or so years, I lived in that universe. I had a dreadful adolescence and if not for ST I might not even be here. Peace and long life to all as I celebrate the anniversary of its entry into my life.
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