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14th-Jul-2015 09:29 am - Dagnabit
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Last night my friend called me and told me that the air conditioning in her house had gone caput and that things might be a bit crazy. She called me this morning and said it would be best if I came later this summer as they might have to move out of the house for a few days while it's being fixed *sigh* I was getting dressed and was all packed and about to head for the airport. Oh well that's life - stuff happens.
13th-Jul-2015 10:18 pm - Fargo Here I Come
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Just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow I'm flying to Fargo to spend a couple of weeks with my best friend and her hubby. I may not be that active here or on FB. We'll see how it goes.
7th-Jul-2015 12:21 am - The Tenacity of Life
Only One Earth
I generally eat oatmeal for breakfast and try to make it as healthy as possible by adding dried cranberries and blueberries, some coconut oil and Ceylon cinnamon, some chia seeds and unsweetened applesauce. Afterwards I usually wash the bowl with a mesh sponge. Today I noticed a couple of sprouts growing on the sponge probably from the chia seeds. Life is tenacious and if humanity manages to wipe itself out I'm sure life on Earth will continue without us but hopefully that will not happen.
3rd-Jul-2015 04:11 pm - 2 Inches
ROFL Thumper
Got an email in my spam asking me if I'd like to grow 2 inches. As I'm only 5' 2" I would love to grow 2 inches but somehow I don't think that's what the question is all about ;)
26th-Jun-2015 03:36 pm - Patrick Macnee
B5-From the Stars

Oh dear another star of the 60s passed on. I loved watching "The Avengers" with Mr Steed and Emma Peel and one of the best things about him was that he refused to carry a gun. He will be missed. RIP Patrick Macnee.

22nd-Jun-2015 11:27 pm - The Day After Father's Day
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The relative in the Boston area who I share my birthday bash with in January has a daughter who gave birth to her own baby daughter yesterday morning giving her boyfriend the most wonderful Father's Day present. Little Violet Anne was born at 36 weeks weighing 7 lbs 4 ozs. Occasionally her birthday will again fall on Father's Day but it will even more often be the day of the Summer Solstice. What a lucky little girl. May she live a long and happy life.
22nd-May-2015 09:41 pm - LIfe of Cats
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Today I went to see the exhibition "Life of Cats" at the Japan Society. I'd put it off so long that unfortunately it was the second rotation but there were many from the first rotation so I don't think I missed that much. If you want to see something of what it was like you can watch this:

Ooh I found this vid of the first rotation. Yay!!!:

20th-May-2015 03:27 pm - BtVS
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OMGosh exactly 12 years ago today the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired. Tempus does fugit. In the years since I have yet to find a show that I'm as addicted to as I was to BtVS and I doubt I ever will *sigh*
13th-May-2015 02:47 pm - Apologies
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My apologies. Apparently my Yahoo account was hacked again so a weird email was sent out that was NOT from me. I found out when Shakatany sent that email to the real me. I've changed my password once again so hopefully there will be no further weird emails...at least not until the next time I'm hacked *sigh*
10th-May-2015 09:59 am - Happy Mother's Day
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Happy Mother's Day to everyone fortunate to still have one or be one.

Just want to share this amusing bit that happened yesterday: I was on Fifth Ave. waiting to cross to go to Central Park when a yellow hornet of some sort started circling and investigating me. It continued to do so as I crossed the street and entered the park until I said "I don't want you. Go away"...and it did! 
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