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16th-Apr-2014 03:42 pm - The Loooong Winter
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Just when I thought spring was truly here and I was enjoying the mild weather and blooming flowers it turned cold and snowed last night just when I was about to pack away my winter garments until next winter. One of the people on The Weather Channel said he'd been following snowstorms for 6 months since early last fall - he's probably more tired of winter than I am...if that's at all possible.
10th-Apr-2014 12:24 am - Home Again
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I picked up my laptop yesterday and brought it home and so far so good *fingers crossed*

The other good news is that it finally appears that spring has indeed sprung here in NYC. Phew! That was some winter.
3rd-Apr-2014 03:15 pm - My Laptop *sigh*
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Well it works beautifully...except it came back with IE8 and when I tried to download IE11 (the latest) or IE10, the one that had been on my laptop earlier, it wouldn't let me so back to Staples it went and hopefully they can restore it to the exact way it had been before the great disaster occurred.
27th-Mar-2014 11:49 pm - Thursday
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Well my computer is back and I plan to be far more paranoid as to where I go on the web and what I click on. I also changed my anti-virus program from Avast to Microsoft Security Essentials as a friend, who knows more about such things, recommended the switch.

I just got home from the monthly meeting of the NYC Atheists where we had Mitchell Stephens, author of Imagine There's No Heaven: How Atheism Helped Create the Modern World, speak to us. Afterwards a bunch of us went out to dinner at the nearby Szechuan Gourmet restaurant where I had shrimp and vegetables and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It also helped that we didn't get any snow yesterday and it's actually looking like spring might be arriving *fingers crossed*
25th-Mar-2014 04:27 pm - Turnover by Jo Walton
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Here's a lovely SF short story by one of my favorite pro writers: Turnover by Jo Walton.
23rd-Mar-2014 06:24 pm - Tale of Woe
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My laptop has apparently been infected with a virus and is being repaired so I have no idea when I'm able to be online. At the moment I'm on a friend's computer but most of the time I'm suffering from computer withdrawal *sigh*

Yesterday my friend and I went to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 94 which was a humongous space. My friend is moving into a new apartment so we looked around to see if there was anything she might like to get for it. She saw a few materials and rugs that she liked and took pictures of them to show her stepson the decorator. I saw a couple of things I'd want if I could ever get a place to furnish. One was a ventless fireplace that needed no chimney yet looked like a conventional one. I also liked it's opposite a wall fountain something like this. So much stuff and most of it very expensive. It was fun to check out what was available knowing that there often were less costly versions to be found. We spent over 3 hours traipsing around so I was pretty exhausted by the time we left. The day was a lovely spring day so it was sort of sad that we were indoors that long especially as we may be getting snow this week. I swear this winter is neverending.
25th-Feb-2014 02:44 pm - My Tooth
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One of my front teeth fell out and I was devastated. I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw I hadn't lost it...and then my alarm clock went off and I realized that Poe was possibly right as All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream. I think I've had similar dreams once or twice before but it was truly weird experiencing a minor version of "Inception".
15th-Feb-2014 04:50 pm - Winter Storms Pax and Quintus
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We suffered through Snowstorm Pax a couple of days ago. It was like the previous snowstorm with sparrows in the subway station and once again I took my friend's dog to the park and we romped down the lane in the snow. This time it wasn't as pretty in Central Park as the snow alternated with rain and so the trees didn't have any snow on them. We are now in the midst of Snowstorm Quintus (who names them anyhow?) and so far it's not too bad but the snow is falling on top of the old snow. The people who clear the sidewalks dump the snow on the street and the people who clear the streets push the snow back towards the sidewalks so there are hills of dirty snow around the blocks, which will become mountains if this continues, with pools of melted snow/rain at the corners. I know it's not as bad as a true Fargo winter but it comes close and, though I do prefer cold weather over the heat of summer, enough is enough. I also discovered my two pairs of waterproof snowboots are no longer waterproof *sigh*
7th-Feb-2014 12:54 pm - When I Was Little I Was Very Little
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Many years ago one of my aunts in Sweden wrote a trio of children's books about her childhood early in the 20th century. Her niece (my mother was one of 7 children) just posted a link to them complete with the illustrations at Unfortunately it's in Swedish but the illos are adorable in any language.
3rd-Feb-2014 02:40 pm - Winter Wonderland
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It's snowing here in NYC. I took a friend's dog for a walk in Central Park; it's an absolutely gorgeous winter wonderland. The dog loves running down the path in the snow and I felt proud that my body could keep up with her at my age.

However I almost had a heart attack the other day when Yahoo updated my My Yahoo page and I discovered they'd gotten rid of all the hundreds of bookmarks that I'd collected over the past 10-12 years including many BtVS sites. There's no place one can call for human contact unless you're a paid member. What with updating the Yahoo email site so that it's hard to save drafts, Yahoo has gone from my favorite email service to my least favorite one. I was driven to friend the Yahoo Customer Care over at FB and was told that my bookmarks will now be accessible in the Yahoo Toolbar which means I'm forced to download that. Once I can get to my bookmarks I'm going to save them elsewhere. All this updating of websites and services is driving me crazy and one day may just force me off the internet entirely (I really doubt it but still...)

OTOH my google-fu is working very well. Back in the 60s I listened to a lot of radio and now that (almost) everything is available online, I began hunting down old songs. I found most of them but two songs in response to the war in Vietnam eluded me for years. A few days ago I found them!!! I'm sharing them in case anyone is interested in what was happening half a century ago (has it really been that long?).

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