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17th-Apr-2015 08:33 pm - April Strikes Again
It's a slightly smaller devastation but over in Fargo at Minn-Kota PAAWS, the spay neuter clinic my friend runs, their mascot Hoss has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Hoss came to PAAWS two years ago after he was found under a deck; the vets discovered he had polycystic kidneys which unfortunately is a non-reversible progressive disease so they kept him in the clinic and today he passed on. RIP sweet kitty I will miss you when I next visit PAAWS.

11th-Apr-2015 08:33 pm - What is Going On?
B5-From the Stars
I just read over on FB that simplykimberly's mother just passed on. I fear 2015 is going to set a record and not one I would want to see achieved :(
10th-Apr-2015 02:58 pm - RIP Leia
B5-From the Stars
I hate this spring. First Leonard Nimoy/Spock died then 2 friends online passed on one dying of lung cancer the other dying of liver cancer. A RL friend who I sometimes go to movies with had a check up for her breast cancer incident of a few years back and the doctors fear it might have metastasized into bladder cancer. We'd been talking about going to see "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" but that's been put on hold. The worst is that my cousin Else's 13 year old granddaughter passed on on the 7th after fighting brain cancer since she was 5 - she was only 13!! I can only hope that this is the worst of 2015 as the year is only starting *sigh*
6th-Apr-2015 02:28 pm - Teeny LMB Spoilers
SF Lover
For anyone who wants to read a couple of very short snippets from the new LMB novel Gentleman Jole and The Red Queen, go here.
28th-Mar-2015 04:14 pm - RIP Blake Kero
B5-From the Stars
I've just read on FB that my online friend Blake Kero aka hillbillie has passed on. I was hoping the new therapy for her lung cancer would work (the worst part was that she never even smoked). I never met her but I've been an online friend of hers here and on FB for many years and I will miss her. The late Suzette Haden Elgin​ wrote this which always helps a bit when someone I know has passed on:
(for one who has died)
You go from us
into a new becoming;
we rejoice for you and wish you an easy journey
into the Light.
The winds will speak to us of you,
the waters will mention your name;
snow and rain and fog,
first light and last light,
all will remind us that you had
a certain way of being
that was dear to us.
You go back to the land you came from
and on beyond.
We will watch for you,
from Time to Time.
17th-Mar-2015 10:04 pm - iZombie
TV addict
Just finished watching "iZombie" and I really enjoyed it. Olivia the zombie may be an heir to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I look forward to viewing more eps in the weeks to come and I don't say that very often these days.
16th-Mar-2015 10:01 pm - Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen
SF Lover
Hurray!! My favorite science fiction author Lois McMaster Bujold is coming out in February 2016 with a new book featuring Cordelia Vorkosigan titled "Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen". BTW there was a Lt. Jole in "The Vor Game" and a Commodore Jole in "Captain Vorpatril's Alliance" - could he be the Gentleman of the title? And is Cordelia the Red Queen or is she someone else? I can't wait  to read it - 11 months to go *sigh*
15th-Mar-2015 05:26 pm - Belle
I'm dogsitting at my friends' place while they are out of town. I found they had DVRd "Belle" so I just finished watching it (except for the first 15 minutes that weren't recorded). What a terrific movie. The British make such admirable historical dramas far better than we do.  Many of the actors were so familiar yet totally within their characters - there was Penelope Wilton from "Downton Abbey", Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson and Tom Wilkinson whom I've seen in a number of things and Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series playing another nasty boy (poor guy I think he's being type cast). I'm pissed at myself that I didn't see it in the theater and one day I'm definitely going to somehow see the missing beginning.
10th-Mar-2015 02:40 pm - BtVS
7 count icon

sueworld2003 pointed out to me that "Welcome to the Hellmouth", the first ep of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", premiered 18 years ago today !!!

Buffy certainly changed my world - I might not have gotten on to the internet when I did (around S5) except I wanted to read all the fanfic and converse with my fellow fans. It's incredible how tempus does fugit ;)
7th-Mar-2015 02:56 pm - Mourning
Parted from Me
Well it's been a week now and I'm recovering from my loss. I knew Leonard Nimoy had been ill and taken to the hospital so it really wasn't a complete shock. That evening I went again to see Baba Brinkman, the atheist rapper, perform in his Rap Guide to Religion and he mentioned Nimoy's passing in the show. It's incredible how many people also feel his loss and the variety: fans, performers, scientists, astronauts and the president. He will live long in our memories.

Tonight we "spring ahead" and the temperature here is starting to rise into the 40s and 50s...finally. I prefer winter to summer as one can always add another layer of clothing in winter while in summer there's just so much one can remove. This winter was as bad as last winter and back then we all thought we'd have a lousy summer but it was really a very nice one - I hope it's the same this year *fingers crossed*
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