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Stumbling Through Life and (Cyber)Space
The Meanderings of a Curious Mind
My Laptop *sigh* 
3rd-Apr-2014 03:15 pm
Shakatany-Lake Como icon
Well it works beautifully...except it came back with IE8 and when I tried to download IE11 (the latest) or IE10, the one that had been on my laptop earlier, it wouldn't let me so back to Staples it went and hopefully they can restore it to the exact way it had been before the great disaster occurred.
8th-Apr-2014 06:28 pm (UTC)
This is ridiculous when they come back with different stuff on, very bad manners I call it. It happened to somebody else too, they should note what are on these machines and return as they were except fixed and working 100% very annoying. I'm annoyed at Microsoft too, deserting XP which is my fave to use and the only one I've go anyways. Ratbags. :D
9th-Apr-2014 02:59 am (UTC)
I know it's frustrating but Microsoft is in it for the money. From what I know about Windows 8 I don't like it so I want to cling to my Windows 7 baby as long as I can. Maybe Windows 9 or 10 will be better. Good luck with yours.

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