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Stumbling Through Life and (Cyber)Space
The Meanderings of a Curious Mind
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8th-Jul-2018 03:20 pm - Tempus Fugit
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Today I watched "Bye Bye Birdie" for the umpteenth time. I hadn't seen it in several years and so now it struck me - do teenagers still go steady with each other?

The other thing that happened was I saw Lee Aaker briefly in the movie. He had been one of my favorite actors when I was a little girl and starred in "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin". I googled him to see what happened to him and saw a recent photo of him and found it so hard to believe how old he looked but then he now is 75 *sigh*

On Tuesday I'm heading once again to Fargo. To post or not to post that is the question.
5th-Jul-2018 12:21 pm - Sad Day
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Currently I am a bit depressed as 50 years ago today my mother died having heart surgery. Sometimes I can't help wondering what my life would have been like if she hadn't had a stroke and later passed on when I was so young *sigh*
30th-Jun-2018 10:16 pm - Cindererlla Strikes Again
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Tonight I watched "Cinderella" (2015) directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Cate Blanchett as the stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the godmother and I really enjoyed it especially the way they did the animals who helped Cinderella. Boy they truly have made a lot of Cinderella films and I have liked most of them. Hmm I wonder when the next one will be made :)
11th-Jun-2018 09:57 pm - Vox
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I just read the latest issue of Publishers Weekly and found out there's a book coming out in August titled "Vox" by Christina Dalcher. It's set in America a bit in the future where women are allowed to speak only 100 words a day! I can't help thinking that there are members of the Gross Obscene Party who would want that to happen
9th-Jun-2018 10:28 pm - Into That Good Night
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Emma, my friend's dog, has gone into that good night. Emma was a Welsh Springer Spaniel who was 15 and 3/4 years old who I've known since she was 3 months old (except for the 5 years she spent with her late "daddy" after he and his wife were divorced). She was in good shape until she became 15. Then she lost control of her bladder and peed all over the apartment...even after she began to wear diapers which hurt her back legs. The past month or so she had lots of diarrhea which also fell all over and this morning she threw up. Her owner, who has been with ill with pneumonia since around Mother's Day, found she did not feel well enough to clean up after her all the time and made an appointement with the vet today. She took her there and told me Emma went away very peacefully. I feel soo sad but as she was so old there really was nothing that could be done *sigh*
7th-Jun-2018 08:23 pm - Cinderella Once Again
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Whoa it's been almost 2 months since I last posted. I finally watched a Cinderella movie that I didn't care much about even though the prince was played by Richard Chamberlain who I was crazy about when I was younger so I can't help wondering if I would have liked it more had I seen it back then. The title of it is "The Slipper and the Rose", a British musical  which came out in 1976. The songs were Academy Award-nominated yet not one of them made much of an impression on me. It gets a bit political as the small country he is the prince of needs him to marry a true princess and not Cinderella so the near end of this movie is far more different than other Cinderella movies but fortunately they do get to live happily ever after. Oh yes I have to add the fairy godmother did give Cinderella a cute and smart little dog. Now I can't help wondering about the other Cinderella movies I have yet to see - will I like them or not *sigh*
10th-Apr-2018 10:34 am - John Merchant
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In case anyone is curious the obituary of my relative John Merchant, who died on March 18th, is in the Boston Globe. He was an interesting gentleman and a brilliant scientist.
26th-Mar-2018 08:01 pm - One Century
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My cellphone woke me this morning and upon checking the date I realized that today was my father's birthday and if he still lived he would have been one hundred years old today. Unfortunately he died 28 years ago *sigh*

ETA: I just remembered that March 26th was also the birthday of the late Leonard Nimoy who I've loved as Spock since September 8, 1966. He would've been 87 today had he not died 3 years ago *another sigh*
25th-Mar-2018 08:47 pm - Spring is Sprung...Not
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I just realized that I haven't posted in 2 months but not much has been happening. However recently 2 things did happen. NYC has had 4 Nor'easters in less than 4 weeks. Fortunately they were never that bad here in Manhatten but it was annoying that the last one came the day after spring officially arrived. I won't be surprised if one day we get a snowstorm in June.

The other thing is that last Sunday my relatives in Needham lost their father. He was 88 and we knew that he would be dying but it still was traumatic when he did. His wife Greta is 97 and still alive but badly demented so it's as if her mind died but her body has not *sigh*

The only other things I have to reveal is that today I saw "Frozen" on TV for the first time and I truly enjoyed it. Then last week I watched an old ep of "Perry Mason" because I'd been told Leonard Nimoy would be in it and he was. It turned out he was the murderer and he was so un-Spocky in every way but then it was made 3 years before he became Spock. He certainly was a very good actor able to act in a variety of ways.
23rd-Jan-2018 09:30 pm - Woops
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I just realized I hadn't written about the rest of my birthday bash. I had a lovely dinner with some of my relatives at the Stockyard Restaurant in Boston on my birthday. Except for seeing how difficult it was to live with my cousins' parents as they are not healthy and demented I had a wonderful visit and an easy train ride back home as it was not snowing on the 11th.

Today I learned that Ursula Le Guin passed away. She created my name Shakatany. I like it pronounced as sha-kat-a-nee while so many others say it like sha-ka-ta-nee. I hoped one day to be able to ask her how she said it but now that will never happen *sigh* Requiescat in pace Ursula LeGuin.
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