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Stumbling Through Life and (Cyber)Space
The Meanderings of a Curious Mind
29th-Sep-2019 10:16 am - So Sad
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A friend of mine from NYCAtheists just passed away having Alzheimer's dementia and cancer and she was a few years younger than I am which is rather scary to me.

Requiescat in pace Julie.

7th-Sep-2019 01:44 pm - Fantastic
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I've just finished one of the most awesome autobiographies I have ever read. It's "Becoming Superman" by J. Michael Straczynski who created one of my favorite SF shows titled "Babylon 5". He had one of the saddest upbringings I have ever learned about. His parents were cruel to their children and he recently found out that his father, when he was a teenager, helped Nazis murder Jews in Vishnevo during WWII. Because of his dreadful upbringing he decided when he was a young man to have a vasectomy so there would be no more Straczynskis. Having such a hard childhood it was amazing that slowly over the years he was able to become the famous creative man he now is. As I am such a fan of "Babylon 5" it was interesting to find out why Michael O'Hare, who played Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, was replaced after the first season. I thought Warner Bros. wanted a more famous actor (he was replaced by Bruce Boxleitner) but I was wrong *sigh*
27th-Aug-2019 09:35 pm - The Power of Red
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There's a building near where I live where something called the Republic Bank will open in the fall. Its motto is "The power of red is back." I get more and more angry every time I walk past it and see that even though it probably has nothing to do with the Gross Obscene Party. However it is a Louisville, Kentucky-based bank so I doubt I will ever use that bank.
22nd-Aug-2019 02:45 pm - Aquaman
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When I was young I loved reading the comic books starring Aquaman and the Submariner. Today I watched the "Aquaman" movie and boy where they able to create a spectacular movie movie-wise with fine actors but I am so tired of mindless acts of senseless violence that I doubt I will watch the sequel if it's made. I also recently saw "Guardiansof the Galaxy 2" and it too was full of mindless acts of senseless violence which is why I'm watching fewer movies and TV shows *sigh*
16th-Aug-2019 01:04 pm - Angry
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I am furious at CBS. Last night was the finale of "Elementary" but because CBS was showing a football game they only showed the last 20 minutes or so of that episode and I had no idea what had been going on. I am fortunate because I have a friend with On Demand so I was able to see the finale today. Why didn't CBS just show a repeat then show it next week so people in the east could see the entire episode just like people around the rest of the country could?

ETA: I'm writing this on Sunday 9/16: I just found out CBS showed that finale again last night at around 11:30 pm. I hope all the other people here in the east who wanted to see it all on Thursday but couldn't were able to see it last night.
16th-Aug-2019 10:04 am - Weirdest Dream
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I just had the weirdest dream. I was in Germany before Hitler was elected and I was allowed to vote for the person to be against him in the election. I went to a board with videos of the two people, a man and a woman, and saw what they had been doing and though I wanted the woman I knew that men were really in control of countries back then but at the last moment I pressed the button for her and then the alarm went off and I woke up and couldn't help being reminded that in many ways the deplorable Republican president is becoming the Hitler of the 21st century. Will my vote help to get rid of him? Oh I hope so *fingers crossed*
11th-Aug-2019 10:53 pm - Elementary
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Today was a fascinating day. I met someone I haven't seen in 55 years when he was a boy and I was a girl and we graduated from our elementary school when we were 11. We have been emailing each other since around  2010 but this was the first time he came to NYC since then. He is now a brilliant math professor and often goes elsewhere around the world but this weekend he went to NJ and decided to come to NYC to meet me before he returned home outside of Chicago. We met at Penn Station this morning then walked to the Strand book store and looked at a lot of math books then walked back to Penn Station and found a nice restaurant near there and had lunch. Afterwards we went to a small park in Herald Square where we sat and sang some songs we'd learned in 6th grade as we sang in a musical called "Vermont" written by our music teacher and the songs we sang when we graduated from our elementary school. We then went back to Penn Station and he began to return home. Oh what a fun time we had.
12th-Jul-2019 10:18 pm - Back in NYC
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I had a wonderful vacation and I will miss seeing Piglet grow up. Unfortunately I did not have a pleasant trip back. I arrived at the Minneapolis airport from Fargo around noon yesterday. The flight to NYC was to leave at 3:15 but because of the thunderstorms at the east coast planes were not allowed to go there at that time. We finally took off around 9pm (10pm NYC time) and I got off the plane close to 1am my time. By the time I arrived home and got to bed it was 2:30. I also wasn't feeling too well and didn't sleep much last night. I am feeling better today and I'm feeling a bit sleepy now so I think I will sleep well tonight *fingers crossed*
8th-Jul-2019 09:30 pm - Enjoyable Fargo
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Well I've been enjoying my time in Fargo with my friends and their little puppy. Last Tuesday evening we went to a puppy school where there were several other puppies in the class and Piglet had a fun time. We will be taking her there again tomorrow. On Wednesday CM and I took her to the vet to have a couple of shots she needed. She'll get a couple more in a few weeks and then if all goes well she won't need any more shots for a year (she will also be spayed when she's around 6 months old). She is now a little over 13 weeks old and my friends have had her for a little over 4 weeks.

Today we drove into Minnesota to go to a park called Tamarac, a National Wildlife Refuge. We saw some geese on a beaver lodge, some swans, some white pelicans, some red-wing blackbirds and several other types of birds. I also saw some turtles, some ordinary squirrels and a kind called thirteen-lined ground squirrels which I'd never heard of before. We had a great time there.

On Wednesday we're having dinner with some other friends I'd met several times over the years and the next day I'll be flying back to NYC.
30th-Jun-2019 06:59 pm - Piglet
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I arrived in Fargo on Thursday a bit later than expected as the plane that was to take me from Minneapolis to Fargo came an hour or so later but my friend knew what was happening so she didn't have to wait at the airport for me to arrive but was there when I did finally come.

What is absolutely wonderful is that she got an Airedale puppy 3 weeks ago today and the puppy is now 12 weeks and 2 days old. Her name is Piglet and she is so adorable. This is her third Airedale and I can't wait to see her next year when she will almost be grown up :)

Yesterday was a difficult day. Around 1 pm we had a powerful thunderstorm which made the electricity and wifi in my friend's house go off and was not fixed until some 5 hours later. That evening we walked Piglet around several blocks and found that a lot of trees had lost branches as well as a few trees had fallen down as the wind had been very fast. I'm glad the thunderstorm is over and we may not get another that forceful at least while I'm here *fingers crossed*
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