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Oh Dear

I just found out D. C. Fontana has passed away. She did so much to make Star Trek so wonderful and wrote several episodes including my favorite "Journey to Babel". Requiescat in pace Dororthy.
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The Crown Part 2

I saw the remaining 6 episodes of season 3 of "The Crown" this weekend. It was once again fascinating. In episode 6 Prince Charles became the Prince of Wales. In ep. 7 the royals were thrilled by the first moon landing. In ep.8 we met Camilla who was involved with Charles and the Duke of Windsor who was dying. In ep. 9 the Duke was buried in England and Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles who also had dated Princess Anne. In the final ep. Queen Elizabeth is celebrated for being the queen for 25 years. The funny thing is that in several eps they say how Prince Charles will become the king when his mother passes away. Even now in 2019 he still is not the king! I can't wait to see season 4 where Charles willl become involved with Diana, also Anne will marry Captain Mark Phillips and their relative Lord Mountbatten will die. I bet a lot of other things will happen too.
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The Crown

I went to a friend's apartment and was able to see the first 4 episodes of the 3rd season of "The Crown". I really was amazed at what the eps were about. The first ep was about the possibility that someone in the British government was a spy for the Russians and I can't help wondering if what is behind the deplorable Republican president inspired them to make what happened decades ago in the UK into an episode. The second one featured Princess Margaret, the third was about something awful that happened in Wales and the fourth featured Prince Philip's mother who I never knew was still alive while Elizabeth was the queen. I'll probably see the rest of the season next weekend and then I think I will have to wait a year until the 4th season is on Netflix  and will deal with Prince Charles and Diana.
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Veteran's Day

Today on Veteran's Day I went to a movie theater with a friend who was a veteran and who lost his girlfriend Julie back in September. We saw "Terminator: Dark Fate" and it was very dark, full of more mindless acts of senseless violence than the earlier "Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (I loved that one). I also saw "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and thought it dull and still haven't seen "Terminator Salvation" or "Terminator Genisys" which I guess I will now see them some day just to see how they were.

Afterwards we went to his apartment to have dinner and while we ate we watched "Passengers" which was an interesting SF movie set in a spectacular spaceship I sadly think is unrealistic but I liked it far more than the Terminator movie we saw earlier.

I wonder how the veterans felt about having that deplorable Republican president at the parade here in NYC just after his foundation was found guilty of taking money that was supposed to go to fundraiser for veterans held by Trump in Iowa back in 2016.
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Once again I went to a Halloween party for NYCAtheists and had a lovely dinner and dessert plus once again a group of musicians played some wonderful late 20th century songs that I love. We may also have a New Years Eve party there too and boy am I looking forward to that.
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So Sad

A friend of mine from NYCAtheists just passed away having Alzheimer's dementia and cancer and she was a few years younger than I am which is rather scary to me.

Requiescat in pace Julie.
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I've just finished one of the most awesome autobiographies I have ever read. It's "Becoming Superman" by J. Michael Straczynski who created one of my favorite SF shows titled "Babylon 5". He had one of the saddest upbringings I have ever learned about. His parents were cruel to their children and he recently found out that his father, when he was a teenager, helped Nazis murder Jews in Vishnevo during WWII. Because of his dreadful upbringing he decided when he was a young man to have a vasectomy so there would be no more Straczynskis. Having such a hard childhood it was amazing that slowly over the years he was able to become the famous creative man he now is. As I am such a fan of "Babylon 5" it was interesting to find out why Michael O'Hare, who played Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, was replaced after the first season. I thought Warner Bros. wanted a more famous actor (he was replaced by Bruce Boxleitner) but I was wrong *sigh*
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The Power of Red

There's a building near where I live where something called the Republic Bank will open in the fall. Its motto is "The power of red is back." I get more and more angry every time I walk past it and see that even though it probably has nothing to do with the Gross Obscene Party. However it is a Louisville, Kentucky-based bank so I doubt I will ever use that bank.
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When I was young I loved reading the comic books starring Aquaman and the Submariner. Today I watched the "Aquaman" movie and boy where they able to create a spectacular movie movie-wise with fine actors but I am so tired of mindless acts of senseless violence that I doubt I will watch the sequel if it's made. I also recently saw "Guardiansof the Galaxy 2" and it too was full of mindless acts of senseless violence which is why I'm watching fewer movies and TV shows *sigh*
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I am furious at CBS. Last night was the finale of "Elementary" but because CBS was showing a football game they only showed the last 20 minutes or so of that episode and I had no idea what had been going on. I am fortunate because I have a friend with On Demand so I was able to see the finale today. Why didn't CBS just show a repeat then show it next week so people in the east could see the entire episode just like people around the rest of the country could?

ETA: I'm writing this on Sunday 9/16: I just found out CBS showed that finale again last night at around 11:30 pm. I hope all the other people here in the east who wanted to see it all on Thursday but couldn't were able to see it last night.