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This was a pretty bad weekend. On Saturday I was hacked on FB and changed my password a short while later. I am a bit afraid that somehow, before I changed my password, the hacker was able to do something to my computer as it did not work on Sunday. I knew there was a place across the street to have it repaired but I had to wait until today to go there and get it fixed. What really made my life so bad was that I was supposed to zoom with my relatives in the Boston area to find out what's happening to one of my relative's son. He lives in Israel, is married and has 8 children. Children there have been told to go to schools and one of his children got the coronavirus and now they all have it. Fortunately I was able to zoom with my relatives in the Boston area today and they think the family in Israel will all recover but it might take several weeks. They are the first relatives I have who have gotten the coronavirus and I fear, if we are forced to send children here in America to schools, this will probably happen to many families in the US *sigh*
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I'm watching "Jeopardy" on ABC now and they are showing an episode from 1986 which I might have seen back then but can't remember for sure but boy it's fun watching a young Alex Trebek.
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Libraries in NYC

Yay! Today some libraries opened in NYC though all they will let you do is return books and get the books you've ordered so I still can't go to a library and read the NYTimes and various magazines and look around to see if I can find any interesting books I might want to read *sigh*
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I found reading the NY Times yesterday that something else happened on Saturday not just the rally in Tulsa but the 152nd Belmont Stakes here in NY. Usually it is the last leg of the Triple Crown but now it is the first as the Kentucky Derby, usually #1, will be on Sept. 5th and the Preakness Stakes will be on Oct. 3rd unless of course the trouble with the coronavirus becomes even worse. Anyway Tiz the Law won the race on Saturday and may win the other two too. I haven't really been that much into the Triple Crown lately but it won't be worse than hearing about the other rallies like Saturday's.
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What a Strange Year

Wow! I often go on a short walk to look at the East River in order to get some exercise but today I got halted at 1st Ave. as thousands of people were marching up the avenue declaring how they don't like racism. I watched them for awhile and am on their side but I am sad that this has to happen here and all over the US. This is the strangest year I have ever lived in; I just hope we can get rid of that nasty president in November *fingers crossed*
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I just finished watching Law & Order: SVU "Granting Immunity" (S16E19) where Olivia Henson is in a school with Noah, her little boy, and it turns out that he gets the measles from an older student and it becomes very serious so he has to go to a hospital. Other students also get the measles and a woman and her doctor lied about having her son vaccinated as she dislikes vaccines as she claims it might cause autism. The way they talk about measles is almost like what might happen in the future with the coronavirus. This episode first aired 5 years ago and I feel like one day a similar episode will be made one day with the coronavirus.
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SF TV Shows

I just learned that they won't do another season of "Emergence" so we now will never find out what really was creating that kind of robot girl. I want TV to make a rule that if a SF show like this one is cancelled it has to make a TV special to finally explain everything to us. This has happened so many times in similar past SF TV shows that I now doubt I will want to watch any new ones.
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The Movie Meme

Earlier today I saw this list of movie questions on Tabaqui's LJ and decided to show the movies I would use as the answer and so here they are:

Favorite movie: "2010" - well actually I have dozens of favorite movies
Movie that makes you remember your childhood: "Gigi" - IIRC it was the first movie I saw with my mother
Favorite Tom Hanks movie: "Sleepless in Seattle"
Movie that makes you cry: "The Search"
Favorite 80's movie: "Labyrinth"
Favorite comedy: "Holiday" (1938)
Favorite sports movie: "A League of Their Own"
Favorite courtroom movie: "My Cousin Vinny"
Favorite horror movie: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Most overrated movie: "Breakfast at Tiffany"
Favorite gangster movie: "The Godfather"
Movie you can watch over and over: "The Philadelphia Story"
Movie with the best soundtrack: "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Movie you're most embarrassed that you love: "Innocent Blood"
Christmas movie: "Babes in Toyland aka March of the Wooden Soldiers"
Favorite sequel: "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"
Favorite Sci-Fi movie: "Forbidden Planet"
Favorite Musical: "1776"
Favorite Trilogy or Saga: "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home"
Favorite Classic Movie (60s and below): "Singing in the Rain"
Favorite Super Hero Movie: "Superman: The Movie"
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I found out today is National Siblings Day. Now I don't have a real sibling but over half a century ago when we were little girls we became blood sisters as we both had tiny bits of blood on our skin and exchanged an even tinier bit so I just sent her an email proclaiming what today is. I hope if you have genuine siblings you will be able to celebrate this a bit even if you can't get together *sigh*
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Mystery about Mysteries

I watch several mystery shows on TV and can't help wonder when they are able to make more episodes if we'll see all sorts of things happening with the detectives, victims and villains as the coronavirus spreads around their cities. In a way I hope not as I'm so tired of what is going on now and its still only been a couple of weeks not even the months it might be.