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Stumbling Through Life and (Cyber)Space
The Meanderings of a Curious Mind
Birthday Bash Pt. 2  
10th-Jan-2017 08:59 pm
Shakatany-Lake Como icon
My relatives and I had a lovely celebration Sunday night at Not Your Average Joe's where the appetizer bread they serve has a delicious dip that I love. It consists of parmesan cheese, cayenne pepper and olive oil. My birthday cake was a tiramisu cake which was absolutely scrumptuous.

On my actual birthday my cousin and I went to the Petit Robert Bistro where we had an incredible lunch. First I had a spinach and leek soup then Annie's Croque Monsieur followed by a hot mocha drink with Dark Godiva chocolate and a Crème brûlée which I shared with my cousin. So I gain a few pounds or so - it's worth it.

Tomorrow I'm returning to NYC after a half wonderful/half sad visit (my elderly relative's dementia was much worse this year than last year). I can't help wondering what it will be like next year *sigh*
12th-Jan-2017 11:14 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you had a lovely visit (despite the bit of sad).
13th-Jan-2017 10:46 pm (UTC)
I love how you enjoy your food. :) Glad you had a nice birthday. It's very sad about your relative, did you say how old he/she is?
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