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I'm watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S18E2 (2016) "Making a Rapist" and one of the first people shown on it was Joe Biden!! He said: "My dad used to have an expression. He said "The greatest sin any person can commit is the abuse of power." And the greatest abuse of power was rape. It takes a woman a long time to heal. And when the victim isn't believed, when she goes through the invasive process of having a rape kit put together, and then it's stuck on a shelf somewhere, and then the rape kit is never, ever tested, we fail. We fail her. We fail so many women. I'm proud to say today we did not fail. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of law enforcement, the whole legal system, the victim's advocacy groups, and particularly my friend here, Lieutenant Olivia Benson of SVU, congratulations, Lieutenant." I am so amazed seeing this now that he is our president.

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